Struvor and Api (But Mostly Api)

Some lifestyle/family blogs only publish the fun bits. An outing a sunny autumn day, the perfect crafty idea for a 1-year old, an amazing flea market find.

Well, that’s exactly what I had in mind for this piece on last night’s tea! “The Mighty Successful Struvor-and-Api Combo”.

Only it turned out to be more of a kitchen disaster.

Here’s what happened.

Ages ago I was given a struvjärn, and, longer still, the Swedish baking classic “Sju sorters kakor”. Inspired by the recipe’s grandma vibe, I set off making these Belgian Waffles-like delicacies.

This is proper Jamie Oliver-defying deep frying, and the oil needs to reach 180ºC. So while both the iron and the oil were warming up, I prepared…

the api! Api is a thick purple drink made of (purple) maize, and drunk in the Bolivian Highlands. It’s D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. You jump off your night flota at the magnificent Bus Terminal in La Paz, made by Mr Eiffel (yes, as in the tower) himself, get a steamy polystyrene mug of way-too-sweet api from one of the ambulating kitchens and feel your stiff limbs coming back to life again. Not forgetting to squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon in your api to get that characteristic zingy twist. Or, you’re a lucky ex-pat who gets occasional goodie packs in the mail from a loving Dad. (Me! Me!) Easy peasy: Mix the contents with one cup cold and 3 cups boiling water; simmer for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry your struvor until golden brown and pick them loose with a fork. Alternatively, don’t bother. I don’t know how the nans do it. What a mess. So I settled for blobs, in all shapes and sizes.

Voilà! Delicious treats for a weekday evening viewing of Skavlan! (That stray strawberry makes it look a whole lot healthier, ey?)

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