A One-Year-Old’s Communication Skills

This last month Leon has been making remarkable progress. It’s like suddenly everything slotted into place in his little brain. All of a sudden he’s making new signs, things we’ve been showing him for ages but which he finally seems ready to incorporate into his communication repertoire.

So now, instead of just signing flower and train and dog, he’s also doing duck, jaguar/lion/large feline and, more excitingly, he’s started to babble loads, with an impressive Polish-esque combination of consonants thrown into his ramblings! He now imitates the sounds of a bird, a cat, flying insects, a woofing dog instead the sign for it, food time, a snake, cars/any wheeled vehicle, a little kiss and green frogs. And only a couple of days ago he surprised us by signing his first word which requires two hands: his favourite food, toast. Most of these words (and our accompanying commands “what does the cat say?”) he knows in both Spanish and English. Oh, and a few weeks ago he learned to clap properly when he means bravo/music/mum’s singing is lovely. Well I just love him!

But best of all is that he’s finally found his legs! He’s pulling himself up on any box, table and sofa, then starts laughing out loud of sheer euphoria and clapping bravo at himself, only to end up on his bum again of course! And the day before his first birthday my Mum caught him taking his first crawls! Yes, my peeps, up until day 364 of his existence the only way Leon’s moved around has been through the army shuffle. And now that he’s crawling I expect my chill days to be officially over. //s.

P.S. I’ve had to update this post twice in the last couple of days to add more words and sounds that Leon just keeps popping up with. The latest thing is him signing his little friend Noelle’s name. Funnily enough, because they both involve a rotating motion with his hand, Noelle’s name becomes very similar to the sign for washing machine… :)

Extra footage: Brad’s educational lineup… “Where’s Kevin the Kangaroo?”

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