Mend and Make Do: Maxi Goes Mini



For the past ten years (at least!) I have coveted this beautiful dress. My Mum got it in the USA in the early 70s, when she was an exchange student in college, the same year she met my Dad. It is (was…) a maxi dress made of a thick linen-cotton blend with a dramatic, dark blue flower print. I’ve always loved, loved, loved it!

Sadly, the whole bottom half of the skirt got ugly mildew stains while stored away in the humid Santa Cruz climate. No amounts of baking soda, Vanish or even chlorine would make them disappear. So I  grabbed the scissors and chopped all the bad bits off… And voilà: it’s now become a 60s inspired mini a-line dress. There was still a big blotch of mildew though that was just a bit too far up to get rid of. I salvaged some of the chopped off material and made a wide strip to cover it up and give the impression of an intentional contrast. Oh, and as a last detail I made a little swirl-flower-thing brooch for the bodice.

Thanks for letting me butcher your dress, mami!

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Clara Nursey

Tuesday, 5. April 2011 at 8:27 pm

Skitsnygg! Bra jobbat där!

Wednesday, 6. April 2011 at 9:31 am

Tack Clarrrrra; väger tungt när det kommer från just dig!

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