Jesus Conference in Estonia

Last month I had the privilege of being part of an event in Tartu, Estonia called Jesus Conference. It was the first time I’d been to the country in almost 6 years, and it was pretty amazing to see how much has happened since I was there last…not least the fact they have free wi-fi everywhere from the local shopping mall to the airport to the night bus between Tartu and Tallinn! The highlight of the trip though was getting to meet our Team over there and plan and conspire together!

Over the course of the weekend I had 3 sessions in the Bible school, an afternoon session with the youth, the evening meeting on Saturday night and the Sunday morning service in the local church. The turnout was amazing, and it was great to see so many young people involved in everything from production to worship to on-stage interpretation. Saturday night was definitely the highlight for me…seeing so many young people respond to the challenge to live out the Kingdom of God in their schools and be light and hope to their friends and classmates. There’s nothing better, and everyone in the building really felt like something happened and the night was a significant one, which was especially encouraging for the Team over there who’ve been working hard for years to see young people engage with the New Generation model and the schools of Estonia changed for the better.

All in all it was an amazing trip, and good to be back in this great nation. To see a brief TV interview we did click on the picture above (if you don’t like what I’m saying, at least the subtitles are a laugh!).

To check out New Generation Estonia’s website, click here.

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