Groeschel Gets Weird

I stumbled across this short interview/promo video for Craig Groeschel’s new book Weird – Because Normal Isn’t Working on Michael Hyatt’s site, and I can say, if the content of the book is as good as the ideas and insights in the video, then I’m looking forward to reading it. Check the video here.

La Familia

Ok, so the picture quality may not be the best, but I just LOVE this screenshot sequence of Sara and Leon from a Skype we had a couple of days ago while I was in Moscow. Can’t wait to get home to both!

A Good Day

Today’s a good day because…

  1. My 7-month old today son Leon almost cracked his face in half smiling when I walked through the door after work.
  2. I got news my visa should be ready in time for my 1st Russia trip in 3 years.
  3. iPad 2 came out. Not to mention it’s nifty new pal Smart Case. (Not trivial!)
  4. I got to talk for an hour with my brother down under.
  5. Flannel released the new Basic vid. (I know it’s pretty trivial, but it’s also pretty incredible.)
  6. I’ve lived in my charming house on The Avenue for 1 year.

…amongst other things of course…like having an amazing wife, a great job, and a nice collection of Paraguayan Yerba Mate cups.

Noah&Noelle Dot Com Goes Live

Today saw the much-anticipated launch of our good friends at Noah&Noelle’s snazzy new website. These guys have an eye for smooth design and are already producing some great babywear, and there’s more in the pipeline. They also have some good-looking models. Yes, that’s our Leon up top on his first modelling job…all from the comfort of his own home! Check out the site and buy a drool-catcher or two for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews…you get the idea. Support these guys now and you’ll be seeing more great kids clothes coming down the line.


So, we’re almost 3 weeks into Twenty Eleven and I’m starting to find some rhythm again after a couple of weeks away in Sweden holidaying and now a couple more back in the job. Every December for about the last 10 years I’ve tried to get some downtime and put together an outline for the coming year. Not so much a New Years resolutions thing, but more focal points and overall direction for the next few years, coupled with (and formed out of) a time of reflection on the past year or so.

This year I was able to get away to a monastery in Leicestershire for some prayer and solitude, as well as catching some lone time whilst away over Christmas. When comparing notes with previous years, not so much has changed, but a number of things have definitely been clarified and solidified.

Here’s a few of my renewed hopes/aims/plans…

  1. 1 day a week complete rest and sabbath
  2. 1 day a month personal retreat
  3. 1 long weekend a quarter personal retreat
  4. continue studying and memorising the book of James
  5. continue studying the book of Luke
  6. daily morning devotions
  7. morning study 2 days a week
  8. morning exercise 3 days a week
  9. 1 evening away date a month (a little trickier now with a kid)
  10. 3 evening home dates a month (when we eat well & keep the evening free!)
  11. begin formal evening study: theology/church history/mission/ministry
  12. create more often: art, writing & a little music…but mostly art & writing

I also plan to read far fewer books (apart from course literature for my studies) than usual years, but to re-read and process a few books in particular, attempting to work through and apply them more effectively to my life.

These are:

  1. Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
  2. Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission – Darrin Patrick
  3. The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander
  4. Leaders Who Last – Dave Kraft

I also hope to more successfully line up my primary priorities, so they’re actually visible in my diary and my wallet.

These are:

  1. Christian
  2. Husband
  3. Father
  4. Leader/Worker/Employee

…in that order.

It’s a great feeling to know where you’re headed and what you’re aiming for. Sure there’ll be hurdles and diversions, but I know what I’m aiming at, and that makes for a satisfied mind.

Here’s to a new(ish) year!

My Latest Project

It’s been way too long since I had the paints and canvases out, and with a bit of down time at home over the last couple of weeks I’ve finally started on my series for our living room wall. It’s only half way and there’ll be a fourth piece to join the three pictured, as well as some layers of paint and pen over the top, but I thought I’d post a part one pic and see what people think. I’ll post close ups of each with more detail and taken on a real camera once I’m done, but you get the idea.


1st Modelling Job

Our little pin-up boy got to do his first proper photo shoot today in the comfort of our very own home. Our friends Hanna and Mieke’s company Noah&Noelle were putting together some pics for their new site (info coming soon) where you can buy scarves, hats and the like, and Leon got to join in on the action. Photographer Rebecca Hanson sent this pic through this afternoon and I just had to post it, proud dad that I am. Stuck in Sweden, I haven’t seen this little guy for 11 days now, so this made my day.

3 Months Today

This little guy’s 3 months old today, and I have to say it’s flown, just like they all say.

Follow the action at

1 Month Today

Well, it’s little Leon’s ‘Monthday” today and life has definitely taken a turn for the better. Apart from nappies, noise and no sleep, I’m really enjoying fatherhood, and whilst I can’t say I can’t remember what life was like before kids – as so many fellow folks foretold – things really have changed. One thing in particular is the albums in my iTunes…one of the most recent additions being the fun new Bible-blaring band The Rizers. If you’ve got kids or you just need some perky pop to help you memorise some Scriptue, check these guys out at If you’re worried about your image and want to stay hard, it might be helpful to know one of the main men behind this musical memorising is also heavily (no pun intended) involved at Tooth & Nail Records. You’re welcome.


So, this little guy’s been taking up most of my time lately, something I couldn’t be happier about! We’re 19 days in and loving it, but those “routines” all our fellow parents are talking about still aren’t in sight, so we’ll see how I do making my way onto here over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, try me on Twitter @bradhawkes