Noah&Noelle Dot Com Goes Live

Today saw the much-anticipated launch of our good friends at Noah&Noelle’s snazzy new website. These guys have an eye for smooth design and are already producing some great babywear, and there’s more in the pipeline. They also have some good-looking models. Yes, that’s our Leon up top on his first modelling job…all from the comfort of his own home! Check out the site and buy a drool-catcher or two for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews…you get the idea. Support these guys now and you’ll be seeing more great kids clothes coming down the line.


Now, I’ve been wearing Vans for a good 20 years or so and am still a big fan, but this guy has taken his brand loyalty to the next level with this heel tattoo. Had to laugh when I saw it on a Vans blog a couple of days ago.

Speaking of Vans, I took this shot of their inner sole at Selfridges a year or two ago. The fact that their previously skate-shop-only sneakers are now stocked in a shop like Selfridges is probably reason enough for the new addition, so skater snobs like me can feel like we’ve got our brand back. Ha!

Me With No Clothes

At the beginning of 2009 Sara and I made a pact to avoid spending any money on clothes for a whole year.


Because we’d spent loads of money on clothes in 2008? No.

Because we wanted to feel pious and tell everyone how un-materialistic we are? No.

Because we don’t like wearing clothes? No!

The whole idea came about when we looked at our budget and realised it was going to be a tight year. Due to a few extra commitments, some unforeseen circumstances, and generally wanting to stay in a position to give, we realised we just weren’t going to have the cash flow we’d hoped for, and something had to go. Incidentally, I’d also been learning a bit about global poverty through various magazines, websites & podcasts, whilst Sara was right in the middle of reading AJ Jacobs’ Year of Living Biblically and looking for a “fun” little social experiment of her own. So we took the challenge.

  1. These were the rules:
  2. Spending money on clothes, shoes or other apparelly items – not allowed
  3. Giving money to a friend to go and buy clothes for us – not allowed
  4. Buying a friend groceries in exchange for them buying us clothes – not allowed
  5. Buying each other clothes, passing them off as a gift – not allowed
  6. Using gift cards given to us to buy clothes – allowed (read: loophole)
  7. Stealing clothes – not allowed

How’d it go?

Well, Sara made it to the 6 month mark and bailed when she got pregnant, since she had to buy some maternity clothes (a completely legitimate excuse in anyone’s book). As for me, I did well for the first few months with a few free tees, sneaker giveaways and b’day gift cards to keep me going…but after 9 months I succumbed and bought a pair of pants (having trashed 3 pairs of my nicer jeans skateboarding). Once the deal was broken, it was easier to make a couple of other purchases, and basically I ditched the experiment at the 3/4 mark…close but yet so far! The whole annual spending on my part only added up to a grand total of £100, but ultimately I’d failed.

Did we learn anything?

I think the best thing that came out of it is that we realised how often we buy stuff because we want it and not because we need it (NOTE: not necessarily a bad thing…just look at my interests and my pics!). This has helped us curb the constant need for the next new thing or the “comforting” impulse buy. It also meant that we didn’t have to cut back on our giving or stop sending sponsorship simply because I wanted a new pair of kicks or a cap.

Now that I’m back in the game and spending cash on clothes again, things are different…I weigh every purchase, and I wait to think it over instead of just pulling out the credit card “because I’m worth it”. I also ask myself where stuff was made, and who made it, not out of guilt or after embracing some kind of poverty gospel, but because I’ve gone without for a while, and it changes things. We all go through seasons of more and seasons of less, but at the end of the day, we’re all stewards of what God puts in our hands, and sometimes it’s good to do something drastic and put things back in perspective.

What do you need to stop and think about? Is there something you could put on hold this year to make room for some giving?

God. Life. Progressive Culture.

Today I got the first RELEVANT Magazine of the decade through the post. Zac Levi on the cover and articles on Don Miller, the Authenticity of the Bible, and the World in 2020…not to mention some nice Slices about cat-killer Miley Cyrus and Barbie’s new buddy “Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken”. It goes without saying, the mag is worth a read.

Got a conscience? Click here>

…and for you cheapskates, don’t worry, you get a link too>