Groeschel Gets Weird

I stumbled across this short interview/promo video for Craig Groeschel’s new book Weird – Because Normal Isn’t Working on Michael Hyatt’s site, and I can say, if the content of the book is as good as the ideas and insights in the video, then I’m looking forward to reading it. Check the video here.

Interview with Dave Kraft

If you’ve been on the blog before, you’ll know I love Dave Kraft’s book Leaders Who Last. We’re currently working through it with our Core Team at New Generation, and it’s sparked some great conversations and helped all of us with our personal leadership development, particularly when it comes to character and the essence of the leader himself. The Resurgence just posted a short interview with Dave, and it’s nice to see him on camera and catch some insights on leadership and management.

To see the interview click here.

1st Modelling Job

Our little pin-up boy got to do his first proper photo shoot today in the comfort of our very own home. Our friends Hanna and Mieke’s company Noah&Noelle were putting together some pics for their new site (info coming soon) where you can buy scarves, hats and the like, and Leon got to join in on the action. Photographer Rebecca Hanson sent this pic through this afternoon and I just had to post it, proud dad that I am. Stuck in Sweden, I haven’t seen this little guy for 11 days now, so this made my day.

What Are Your Motives?

A friend of mine Jonathan who used to work for New Generation just sent this though and I thought it was interesting. Some of the thoughts certainly aren’t new, but they’re presented very well and the animation is great. Definitely worth the 11 minutes.