Now, I’ve been wearing Vans for a good 20 years or so and am still a big fan, but this guy has taken his brand loyalty to the next level with this heel tattoo. Had to laugh when I saw it on a Vans blog a couple of days ago.

Speaking of Vans, I took this shot of their inner sole at Selfridges a year or two ago. The fact that their previously skate-shop-only sneakers are now stocked in a shop like Selfridges is probably reason enough for the new addition, so skater snobs like me can feel like we’ve got our brand back. Ha!


Saw this video featuring skate veteran Steve Berra of Berrics fame today thanks to a tweet from @BartonDamer Just incredible.

Top 10 Skateboarders

So, the blog’s been a little slow for the last week or so…I blame it on spending 8 of the last 10 days away, with back-to-back trips to the Netherlands and Sweden. I figured if I’m going to achieve some level or regularity, I’d better write something down…being the 26th January, a thing about Australia Day would have been fitting, but that seemed a little obvious. If you want to read about my awesome country’s many achievements, read this.

No, I thought I’d hold to my promise and post my first top 10/20 list for 2000-2010. These are to be taken lightly, and aren’t supposed to be a comprehensive list of everything worthwhile that happened during the course of the last decade, just a look back at some of the things that featured prominently in my life, for good or bad.

Having just heard the news that a long-time skateboarder friend of mine died tragically last Friday, I’m making this a tribute and starting with the boardriders. Trivial as it may seem in the big scheme, if I know Chris right, he’d have been stoked. I’m starting with another long-time skateboarder friend/pro/celeb/video game character Dustin. Otherwise they’re in no particular order.

My Top 10 Skaters 2000-2010

  1. Dustin Dollin
  2. Jamie Thomas
  3. Jason Lee
  4. Chris Pastras
  5. Mark Gonzales
  6. Brian Sumner
  7. Rob Dyrdek
  8. Danny Way
  9. Rodney Mullen
  10. Christian Hosoi