Bio…The Long One

IF YOU ASK ME introductions are always a bit tricky. There’s the pressure to be interesting and funny…to make that all-important first impression, and make it count…all in a matter of 90 seconds. Here online, the seconds are probably more like 5, and I’ve probably already lost you. But, if you’ve made it this far and you’re still interested, then here goes…

I’m mostly Australian, partly-Swedish, slightly English and just a little (read: leeeetel) South-American. I grew up (mostly here & here) with 2 homes, 4 parents, 6 siblings and a limited array of domesticated animals. Leaving Australia aged 20, I’ve since travelled to 45 countries and lived in 4 (note: more than my wife), and I’d like to think I can speak 3 languages…not including a fairly firm grasp on American. I’ve been a cook, a van driver, an English teacher, a supermarket manager (ok, so I helped manage the dairy department, but it was a big supermarket!), a missionary, child-minder, charity chairman, interpreter and…wait for it!…an international coordinator. I like food, love coffee, adore fruit juice, and I have a thing for fitted caps, tees and sneakers (oh, the vanity!). I’m also shamelessly shallow when it comes to technology…if it doesn’t look good, I’m not touching it (i.e. no apples on the packaging = no point). Having (mis)spent my youth throwing myself down stairs and handrails on a wheeled piece of wood, I’m still looking for a more sophisticated pastime (ideas welcome, but please don’t suggest this…I’m still in my early 30s). Apart from the shoe collection, I also hoard music, books and Bibles, as well as a range of odd foreign artefacts, like my personalised Paraguayan yerba-mate cups.

When I’m not swilling copious amounts of fruity/caffeiney beverages or pretending to speak French, you’ll probably find me indulging in some preachy podcast or talking about the Church. Faith fascinates me, and all forms of Christian expression (from this to this) interest me. I’d like to think I’m part of a generation that will be a catalyst for bringing believers from all walks of life together to unite around living for others and being the change we want to see. I’d like to think I’ll see the day when the walls separating society and the church are gone. I long for the day when Christians are known for compassion and commitment to living their faith, not just speaking it…and for loving their neighbours not just in word, but in deed. Whilst I’m not interested in “the latest church program” or some new form of “hipster Christianity”, I do hope to see a progressive Church that is creative and innovative, not only knowing and engaging culture, but influencing it. I want to be a good leader and a great follower. A good brother/son and a great husband/father. A good public speaker and a great writer. I don’t just want to talk different, or think different…I want to live different.

If I still seem shallow, & there’s too much talk of fashion & technology for your liking…or if you think the photos make me look like a bit of a poser; remember the wise words of Brother Ignacio: “Beneath the clothes, we find a man… and beneath the man, we find his… nucleus.”

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It wouldn’t really be a bio without mentioning a few other ingredients in my life…

MY WIFE will tell you languages, food, shoes, travel & books sum up the sweetness of life. One day she’d like to throw some guitar in there too. Until 10, she was a happy Latin-American living in the sub-tropics. Then, she moved to Sweden & everything changed. 33 countries & a whole stack of stories later, she’s now in the UK resisting a Brummy accent. Follow her adventures here.

ROOTWORKS is a small company run by the Hawkes family. We provide language services in English/Swedish/Spanish, which mostly means websites, mags, books, articles & the like. Run from home (mostly the lounge room), Sara does the actual work & I do the banking. Recommend us to a friend & we might just send you an exotic Bolivian sweet. Pay us a visit at…or here!

NEW GENERATION is a movement made up of more than 20000 young Christians around the world devoted to living out their faith in their schools, and embodying the message of hope to their generation. I’m privileged to be the honcho at NGUK as well as coordinator for our international work. You can stop by and see us at