God + Money

I found this in an old journal the other day…

On the 4th of April 2002 I asked God for money whilst on a break at Bible School. Less than 5 minutes later I returned to my chair only to find an envelope that said “To Brad, I love you in Christ, be blessed”. Inside was 150 SEK.

It may seem like a small amount or a petty answer to prayer, but over the course of that year, I was given a total of 20K SEK, and 50 036K the year before. That’s about £6500 in 2 years.

It got me thinking about my level of expectation. I remember that back then, as a relatively new Christian, I was naively expectant that God would simply take care of me when I quit my well-paying job and left my cheap apartment in Örebro to move cities and attend Bible school for 2 years. I really felt that God had called me to make the move, and figured he’d foot the bill too. But it’s so easy to move on from this sort of simple trust and start to take everything into your own hands, in an attempt to take responsibility and move towards maturity, and those are things I still strive for and will continue to stand by, but a story like this stirs me to believe God for the unexpected again, and to both challenge my own level of generosity towards others and trust in God’s provision for me.

Right now we’re seeing some amazing growth at New Generation UK, with 2 new bases running this year and more people engaging with our online resources, our training days, bringing us to youth groups and conferences to deliver content and turning to us for help in starting CUs and school groups. We feel God’s urging us to respond and to give them everything we’ve got, and to trust him for provision, but we’re splitting at the seams and struggling to go beyond 350 schools simply due to finance for travel costs and resources. This is why we’ve launched our Change a School for a Fiver campaign, and whilst we’re working hard to find other avenues of income, individual sponsors are invaluable as a source of support for us, and I’m asking any of you who feel compelled to give towards the work we’re doing. We really believe it’s good soil, and we hear stories every week about young people who have been impacted by our organisation. If you think you can give to a good cause, be it a one-off sum or a monthly standing order of just £5, all contributions are hugely appreciated and will make a massive difference.

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