Back to Church(?)

The other week I started on a series I’m doing over the next weeks (and possibly months) on perceptions of the Church outside of its walls. The idea is to focus on young people, and my motivation comes mainly from stats and surveys that point to an under 30s exodus from the Church over recent years/decades.

I’ve had some great input and ideas, comments and conversations on the subject with people both in person and online, and have put together a few questions I plan to pose to some passers by downtown sometime soon in search of some fresh perspectives and perhaps some pointers to help us hold up that mirror and see where the spots are.

Before I do that, I thought I’d post an article that puts another slant on the stats and doomsday declarations that church and young people are soon to be no more, found over at the Gospel Coalition…a site that’s certainly been getting it’s fair share of hits over the last week, but we’ll leave that for another post.

Let’s hope that they’re right about this one at least…

Beware of the Over-Hyped Stat

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